Friday, August 3, 2012

I hear you now O Ghosts of the Future ~ Knocking all about, digging, sawing, grinding and gnawing your way deep into the very heart of the present moment. Indeed, you comprise A Welcome Fear ~ ~ A contemptible burden proven worthwhile whenever I compare the bleakness of the past, (of my past, that is,) to all that atones me with what matters most right now.
From moment-to-moment I hear your construction of many uncertain roads. I can plainly see the hybrid shadows of your ominous glory move over the countless highways of your overblown ambition. I can’t help but to sense in you a deep concern over all that is moving about not just nearby, not just here, but also abroad, as well. In these darkened days of your pressing imposition, that “inner knowing” of who I am is no longer a dormant relic; for with the dawn of this new day my soul instead remains alive and vibrant both within me and all around the extent of my reach. My energy is now all the evermore alit with blessed love and I am filled with that conscious desire to learn and to heal with a courage that removes the many masks you wear ~ ~ those very masks that other people put upon your very many faces. And so I warn thee beware! “For I have become that established value that is set against any heightened control over the pressing waters of the darkened unknown ~ ~ Therefore, I shall not drown.” Yes, I did take from you a mysteriously ambiguous apparition that became a swirling vortex of contradiction ~ one that produced within me that very swim of obligatory pressure, that solo act to an empty house, that protocol revelation of a truly daunting and harrowing task that one is surely called upon to face should the pursuit of Truthful Virtue be that which is The Driving Force which governs every rhythm of personal heartbeat; a compelling force that for seasons repeated to blur had me weakly clinging only to the sole idea of love from God ~ and nothing more nor less than that was ever taken as evenly. Negotiating this new language is to filter my soul to every conscious, available advantage; that process shows me (with a sober panorama) the mixed and abrasively damaging weight of my own personal angst; of confusing you with someone or something else. Now more than ever before am I aware of what a powerful gamble that life really is ~ I more fully comprehend the omenistic depth of what it really means to seek out the seemingly unattainable regarding mindful investment ~ to recognize and act upon that particular need to delicately balance you into a simple recipe of reasonable hope and earned wisdom ~ All this that I might reduce you into the average mix of an everyday payout. This is the full spread layout of The Bargaining Table. What is hidden is eventually seen; and as of this new morning I can plainly hear your trumpets announce the arrival of a broken past stubbornly married to gossamer presence; yea, the impact splatter of an uncertain threat, of an unstable foundation, and of that necessary, nay, dare I say that desperate need for a balanced relief ~ Bring me to all you set upon your table and I will oversee it with fairness and with compassionate wisdom because I fear thee no more. The time has come to cross faith with circumstance to inarguable benefit. To understand this is to see your face like that of a calendar that points to sheer timelessness ~ of seemingly nothing certain at all. However, your challenges couldn’t be timelier and your presence couldn’t be more obvious ~ Yet like usual your prospects remain shrouded in a frustrating mystery. Therefore, just know that I hear you now O Ghosts of the Future ~ Knocking all about, digging, sawing, grinding and gnawing your way deep into the very heart of the present moment. YOU IS BUSTED. ~Michael James Fry Friday, July 27, 2012, New York City